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1. Harvesting, Storing and Utilising Solar Energy using MoO3: Modulating Structural Distortion through pH Adjustment (Journal Cover)
Shi Nee LouYun Hau NgCharlene NgJason ScottRose Amal
ChemSusChem 20147 (7), 1934-1941 
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2. Influence of MoO3(110) Crystalline Plane on Its Self-Charging Photoelectrochemical Properties
Shi Nee LouNicholas YapJason ScottRose AmalYun Hau Ng

Sci. Rep. 2014, 4, 7428
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3. Introducing a protective interlayer of TiO2 in Cu2O–CuO heterojunction thin film as a highly stable visible light photocathode
Peng WangXiaoming WenRose AmalYun Hau Ng
RSC Adv. 2014, 5 (7), 5231-5236
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4. Flame-Made Oxide Heterojunctions for Photocatalytic Water Splitting 
H. K. GrossmannT. GriebS. SchopfY. H. NgR. AmalL. Mädler
Chemie Ingenieur Technik 2014, 86 (9), 1433
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5. CuOx dispersion and reducibility on TiO2 and its impact on photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Minsu Jung, Jason Scott, Yun Hau Ng, Yijiao Jiang, Rose Amal
Int. J. Hydrogen Energy 2014, 39 (24), 12499-12506
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6. Optical modeling-assisted characterization of dyesensitized solar cells using TiO2 nanotube arrays as photoanodes
Jung-Ho Yun, Il Ku Kim, Yun Hau Ng, Lianzhou Wang, Rose Amal
Beilstein J. Nanotechnol. 2014, 5, 895–902
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7. Interface-dependent electrochemical behavior of nanostructured manganese (IV) oxide (Mn3O4)
Jia Yin Liu, Yun Hau Ng, M. Baris Okatan, Rose Amal, Kashinath. A. Bogle, Valanoor. Nagarajan
Electrochim. Acta 2014, 130, 810-817
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8. Hollow hybrid polymer–graphene oxide nanoparticles via Pickering miniemulsion polymerization
Stuart C. ThickettNoriko WoodYun Hau NgPer B. Zetterlund
Nanoscale 2014, 6 (15), 18590-8594
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9. Fabrication of a CuInS2 photoelectrode using a single-step electrodeposition with controlled calcination atmosphere
Yiming TangYun Hau NgJung-Ho YunRose Amal
RSC Adv. 2014, 4 (7), 3278-3283
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10. Gold Nanoparticles Embedded within Mesoporous Cobalt Oxide Enhance Electrochemical Oxygen Evolution
Xunyu Lu, Yun Hau Ng, Chuan Zhao
ChemSusChem 2014, 7 (1), 82-86
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1. Embedment of anodized p-type Cu2O thin films with CuO nanowires for improvement in photoelectrochemical stability 
Peng WangYun Hau NgRose Amal
Nanoscale 20135 (7), 2952-2958 
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2. Understanding Self-Photorechargeability of WO3 for H2 Generation without Light Illumination
Charlene NgAkihide IwaseYun Hau NgRose Amal
ChemSusChem 2013, 6 (2), 291-298
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3. Influence of Annealing Temperature of WO3 in Photoelectrochemical Conversion and Energy Storage for Water Splitting
Charlene NgYun Hau Ng, Akihide Iwase, Rose Amal
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2013, 5 (11), 5269–5275
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4. Reduced Graphene Oxide: Control of Water Miscibility, Conductivity, and Defects by Photocatalysis 
Jung-Ho Yun, Yun Hau Ng, Roong Jien Wong, Rose Amal
ChemCatChem 2013, 5 (10), 3060-3067
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1. A perspective on fabricating carbon-based nanomaterials by photocatalysis and their applications 
Yun Hau Ng, Shigeru Ikeda, Michio Matsumura, Rose Amal
Energy Environ. Sci. 20125 (11), 9307-9318 
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2. Hybrid Graphene and Graphitic Carbon Nitride Nanocomposite: Gap Opening, Electron–Hole Puddle, Interfacial Charge Transfer, and Enhanced Visible Light Response
Aijun DuStefano SanvitoZhen LiDawei Wang,Yan JiaoTing LiaoQiao SunYun Hau NgZhonghua ZhuRose AmalSean C. Smith

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2012, 134 (9), 4393–4397
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[Clarivate Highly Cited Paper]

3. Combined electrophoretic deposition–anodization method to fabricate reduced graphene oxide–TiO2nanotube films
Jung-Ho Yun, Roong Jien Wong, Yun Hau Ng, Aijun Du, Rose Amal
RCS Adv. 2012, 2 (21), 8164-8171
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4. Transforming Anodized WO3 Films into Visible-Light-Active Bi2WO6 Photoelectrodes by Hydrothermal Treatment 
Charlene Ng, Akihide Iwase, Yun Hau Ng, Rose Amal
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2012, 3 (7), 913–918
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1. Semiconductor/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites derived from photocatalytic reactions 
Yun Hau Ng, Akihide Iwase, Nicholas J. Bell, Akihiko Kudo, Rose Amal
Catal. Today 2011164 (1), 353-357 
[Read online]

2. Reduced Graphene Oxide as a Solid-State Electron Mediator in Z-Scheme Photocatalytic Water Splitting under Visible Light
Akihide Iwase*Yun Hau Ng*Yoshimi IshiguroAkihiko KudoRose Amal

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2011, 133 (29), 11054–11057
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[Clarivate Highly Cited Paper]

3. Sodium Fluoride-Assisted Modulation of Anodized TiO2 Nanotube for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Application
Jung-Ho YunYun Hau NgChanghui YeAttila J. MozerGordon G. WallaceRose Amal

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2011, 3 (5), 1585–1593
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4. Synthesis of Porous and Visible-Light Absorbing Bi2WO6/TiO2 Heterojunction Films with Improved Photoelectrochemical and Photocatalytic Performances 
Qing Chi XuDiana V. WelliaYun Hau NgRose AmalTimothy Thatt Yang Tan

J. Phys. Chem. C 2011, 115 (15), 7419–7428
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5. Understanding the Enhancement in Photoelectrochemical Properties of Photocatalytically Prepared TiO2-Reduced Graphene Oxide Composite
Nicholas J. BellYun Hau NgAijun DuHans CosterSean C. SmithRose Amal

J. Phys. Chem. C 2011, 115 (13), 6004–6009
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[Clarivate Highly Cited Paper]

6. Synthesis of Porous and Visible-Light Absorbing Bi2WO6/TiO2 Heterojunction Films with Improved Photoelectrochemical and Photocatalytic Performances
Qing Chi XuDiana V. WelliaYun Hau NgRose AmalTimothy Thatt Yang Tan

J. Phys. Chem. C 2011, 115 (15), 7419–7428
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7. A three-way synergy of triple-modified Bi2WO6/Ag/N–TiO2 nanojunction film for enhanced photogenerated charges utilization
Qing Chi XuYun Hau NgYan ZhangJoachim Say Chye LooRose AmalTimothy Thatt Yang Tan
Chem. Commun. 2011, 47 (30), 8641-8643
[Read online]

8. Visible light-induced charge storage, on-demand release and self-photorechargeability of WO3 film
Charlene NgYun Hau Ng, Akihide Iwase, Rose Amal
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2011, 13 (29), 13421-13426
[Read online]

9. Wrapping the walls of n-TiO2nanotubes with p-CuInS2nanoparticles using pulsed-electrodeposition for improved heterojunction photoelectrodes
Jung-Ho YunYun Hau NgShujuan HuangGavin ConibeerRose Amal
Chem. Commun. 2011, 47 (40), 11288-11290
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1. Reducing Graphene Oxide on a Visible-Light BiVO4 Photocatalyst for an Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting 
Yun Hau Ng, Akihide Iwase, Akihiko Kudo, Rose Amal
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 20101 (17), 2607–2612 
[Read online]

2. To What Extent Do Graphene Scaffolds Improve the Photovoltaic and Photocatalytic Response of TiO2 Nanostructured Films?
Yun Hau NgIan V. LightcapKevin GoodwinMichio MatsumuraPrashant V. Kamat

J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2010, 1 (15), 2222–2227
[Read online]

3. Flower-Shaped Tungsten Oxide with Inorganic Fullerene-like Structure: Synthesis and Characterization
Charlene Ng, Changhui Ye, Yun Hau Ng, Rose Amal
Cryst. Growth Des. 2010, 10 (8), 3794–3801
[Read online]


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