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CAREnergy Group

CAREnergy group is a dynamic research team with members of different academic and cultural backgrounds. A shared value is the inspiration in seeking for knowledge and answer through rigorous and scientific means. The team has a common interest and ambition to achieve a sustainable future by pursuing clean energy research.

The research team is composed of:

PI - Dr. Yun Hau NG

Research fellows and postdocs

Visiting scientists

PhD research students

Master students

Undergraduate students

Collaborative research with the Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering departments within City University of Hong Kong and overseas universities has provided us an excellent opportunity to purse multidisciplinary research. These collaborative efforts have led to many interesting projects and findings. 

Prospective students interested in pursuing Ph.D. degree are encouraged to apply to the graduate program in School of Energy and Environment, City University of Hong Kong.


(3) Group Members in Australia.JPG

CAREnergy-lab @2018

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