26 Aug 2021 - Dr. Hao Wu's paper on studying charge dynamics of ordered porous BiVO4 is accepted for publication in ACS Energy Letters. Congratulations to Dr. Wu.

25 Aug 2021 - As an organising committee, Dr. Yun Hau Ng attended the 2020 BOCHK-Corporate Environmental Leadership Award, organized by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI)

20 Aug 2021 - Dr. Yun Hau Ng delivered a talk at the 2021 International Conference on Urban Net Zero Strategy in the Era of Climate Crisis. His talk is on using clean energy towards urban net zero.

BOCHK Award.jpg
BOCHK Award2.jpg

29 July 2021 - Dr. Phoebe Chung's latest work on modulating the photocharge carriers of Bi2WO6 for photoelectrochemical water oxidation is accepted for publication in SMALL. A collaborative work between CityU, HZB, Swinburne and UNSW.

27  July 2021 - Dr. Shi Nee Lou found a way to shift the charge storage process of MoS2 from diffusion-limited to capacitive-dominant way by oxygen nucleation. It is featured as cover in ChemSusChem (Oxygen Nucleation of MoS2 Nanosheet Thin Film Supercapacitor Electrodes for Enhanced Electrochemical Energy Storage)

07 July 2021 - A collaborative review work with Dr. Siva Krishna Karaturi (ANU), Prof. Chuan Zhao (UNSW), Dr. Zongyou Yin (ANU) is just published in Chemical Reviews (Noble-metal-free Multicomponent Nanointegration for Sustainable Energy Conversion).

10 June 2021 - Dr. Yun Hau Ng shared his research on “Hydrogen Production” by using photocatalytic water splitting at “Carbon Neutrality Task Force” on 10 June 2021. Around 40 participants from Environmental Protection Department, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Fire Services Department, Planning Department, Transport Department and Marine Department joined together to learn the latest advancement in Green Technology that will help Hong Kong to achieve carbon neutrality in coming years


3 June 2021 - The team went out for a field trip to obtain water sample from rivers (Shing Mun River and Yuen Long Creek). We are studying the feasibility of using natural water as the source of green hydrogen using sunlight-driven photocatalysts. 


23 May 2021 - Graduation ceremony for the School of Energy and Environment at City University of Hong Kong. Our team undergraduate student - Miss Nancy Mak was awarded the Outstanding Final Year Project (FYP) thesis award. Nancy's project is on the development of electrocatalyst for nitrate reduction to ammonia. Ammonia is considered a potential carrier of hydrogen.


11 May 2021 - Dr. Yun Hau Ng shared his work on clean hydrogen at Bilateral Energy Workshop between Electrical and Mechanical Services Deparment (EMSD) of Hong Kong and Energy Market Authority (EMA) of Singapore. EMSD and EMA held a bilateral energy workshop on 11 May to strengthen energy cooperation. The Director of EMSD, Mr. Eric Pang, said EMSD is looking forward to introducing roadmap for carbon neautrality.

21 - 23 April 2021 - Together with Dr. Fatwa Firdaus Abdi (HZB), Dr. Francesca Toma (LBNL) and Dr. Simelys Hernandez (Politechnico di Torino), we organised a symposium in MRS Spring Meeting. Our symposium is EN02 - Sustainable Routes to Fuels and Commodity Chemicals Production via Electrochemical Methods. This is a fully virtual meeting and we have an excellent line-up of speakers.

EMSD - BilateralEnergyWorkshop.jpg

10 March 2021 - Dr. Ng delivered a talk on clean hydrogen topic at the event co-hosted by CityU, National Tsing Hua University, Seoul National University, and Tokyo Institute of Technology, titled “Clean Energy and nuclear safety – 10 years after Fukushima”, the Forum offered two streams, namely clean energy and nuclear safety, and approximately 2,500 participants from over 20 countries and territories participated.  

28 Feb 2021 - FYP undergraduate student Mr. Pradipto Suwidji summarises the progress in practical hydrogen production and utilisation in East Asia. This work is invited and accepted for publication in Hong Kong Institute of Engineers: HKIE Transactions.   

29 Dec 2020 - Dr. Ng was interviewed by Wen Wei Po (文匯報). It is published today in a full page coverage (http://paper.wenweipo.com/2020/12/29/HK2012290019.htm). Dr. Ng introduced the concept photocatalytic water splitting in producing hydrogen and he shared his thought on the potential development of this technology in the near future.  


23 Nov 2020 - Dr. Ng joined the Hydrogen Economy Conference (HEC) jointly organised by the Hong Kong Green Strategy Alliance, Hong Kong Environmental Industry Association, Hong Kong Association of Energy Services Companies and Business Environment Council (BEC)., The conference was livestreamed from the BEC’s auditorium. 


2 Nov 2020 - We welcome Dr. Season Chen to join our CAREnergy group as our newest postdoctoral researcher. Dr. Season Chen received the highly competitive Hong Kong Postdoctoral Fellowship (HKPDF) for three years. She graduated her PhD from Hong Kong Polytechnic University under the supervision of Prof. Daniel Tsang. Her experience in biomass conversion is highly complementary to our skillsets and research interest in alternative energy research. Welcome, Season!

1 Sept 2020 - Dr. Ng is appointed as the Chairperson for the School Outreach and Promotion Committee for this coming academic year. We will be launching a few new initiatives to promote our School. Our School's social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter) are ready to kick off. Please stay tune.  

28 Aug 2020 - Miss Songying Qu is the newest PhD student in our team. Songying graduated her B. Eng from Jilin University and her master degree from Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT). She will be studying photocatalytic H2O2 generation from water in the coming years. Welcome, Songying. 

19 Aug 2020 - An interview with APEC ASPIRE program on the past prize recipient. "Winning the award has helped me promote new technology that may offer solutions to energy issues. I believe clean energy is the foundation for the sustainable development of our society" - Dr. Yun Hau NG


9 Jun 2020 - A simple celebration with cakes for Phoebe's birthday. We all wish for the day to come when we can resume our "old" lifestyle and dine out as usual.


Jan 2020 - CAREnergy group is now officially relocated to the newly refurbished laboratory. Look forward to discovering more meaningful findings and expanding our understanding in photo- and electro-chemistry. The new laboratory is not possible without the dedication of our technical officer team and group members!