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Awards & Recognitions


School of Energy and Environment

City University of Hong Kong

Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong



Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics (Nature-Springer)



T: +(852) 3442 2460

F: +(852) 3442 0688   


2023                   Inaugural Materials Advances Paper Prize 2023

                           by Royal Society of Chemistry (Materials Advances)

2021, 2022        Highly Cited Researcher 2021 & 2022

                           by ClarivateTM

2021                  Kataoka Lectureship Award for Asian and Oceanian Photochemist

                           by the Japanese Photochemistry Association (JPA)

2019                  APEC Science Prize for Innovation, Research and Education (ASPIRE)

                           by the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation

2018                  Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ) Distinguished Lectureship Award

                           by the Chemical Society of Japan   


2017                  John A. Brodie Medal

                           by College of Chemical Engineers, ENGINEERS Australia   

2016                  Emerging Investigator

                           by Royal Society of Chemistry (Journal of Materials Chemistry)    


2016                  University Silverstar Award

                           by University of New South Wales


2015                  Theo Murphy Australian Frontiers of Science Travel Award

                           by the Australian Academy of Science

2014                  University Goldstar Award

                           by University of New South Wales

2013                  OzCarbon Award

                           for Early Career Researcher

2013                  Honda-Fujishima Prize

                           by the Electrochemical Society of Japan

                           (the first non-Japanese winner)

2012                  UNSW Postdoctoral Academy Award

                           for the Most tier 1 publications in 2011


2011 - 2013      Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship (APD)

                           by the Australian Research Council (ARC)


2008                  Japan Global Center of Excellence Fellowship (GCOE-Researcher)

                           visiting fellowship to University of Notre Dame, USA.


2005 - 2009      Monbusho Scholarship (MEXT)

                           by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology                             Japan


2003 - 2005      National Science Fellowship (NSF)

                           by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Malaysia


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Awards by group members

2021                  Outstanding Final Year Project Award 2020/21

                           by Miss MAK Wai Yu (Undergraduate student)

                           project: Development of Copper-based Electrocatalyst for Nitrate Reduction to Ammonia

2021                  VTech Innovation $ Sustainability Award (Honorable Mentions)

                           by Miss MAK Wai Yu (Undergraduate student)   


2021                  Undergraduate Student Thesis published in HKIE Transactions 

                           by Mr. Pradipto Suwidji (Undergraduate student)   

2019                  Best Poster Presentation Award

                           by Dr. Hao WU

                           2nd Chinese Symposium on Photocatalytic Materials (CSPM-2)    


2018                  Best ECR Presentation Award

                           by Dr. Phoebe Hoi Ying CHUNG

                           International Symposium on Advanced Materials & Sustainable Technologies

                           supported by Springer


2018                  The Australian Nanotechnology Network (ANN) Overseas Travel Fellowship

                           by Dr. Phoebe Hoi Ying CHUNG

                           Visit to Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

2018                  Best ECR Presentation Award

                           International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICONN)

                           by Dr. Phoebe Hoi Ying CHUNG

2017                  RSC Materials Chemistry Frontiers Poster Award

                           International Symposium on Energy Conversion and Storage Materials (ISECSM)

                           by Dr. Hui Ling TAN

2016                  Innovation Award

                           Energy Future Conference

                           by Miss Shi Nee LOU


2015                  Taste of Research (ToR) Summer Program - Poster Presentation Award

                           by Mr. Dimitrios Misidis (Undergraduate student)(2015)

                           by Mr. Adrian Suyanto (Undergraduate student)(2014)

2015                  Australian Nanotechnology Network (ANN) Travel Award, by Dr. Yiming TANG (2015) 

                           Australian Nanotechnology Network (ANN) Travel Award, by Mr. Minsu JUNG (2013)

                           Australian Nanotechnology Network (ANN) Travel Award, by Miss Peng WANG (2012)


2011                  Clean Energy Award

                           by Miss Charlene NG

                           supported by Consortium of China-9 and Australia Go8 Universities 



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