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CAREnergy Lab News

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30 Sept 2022 - The group bid farewell to Dr. Hao Wu. He is one of the founding members of CARE group at CityU. Dr. Wu is joining Macau University of Science and Technology as an Assistant Professor. All the best wishes to Dr. Wu's new milestone.


23 Sept 2022 - Prof. Ng served as an opponent for a PhD public defense by Ms. Xuelan Hou from Aalto University, Finland under the supervision of Prof. Peter Lund. The discussion was fruitful. 

02 Aug 2022 - The President of CityU has appointed Prof. Ng as the Director of Low-Carbon and Climate Impact Research Centre (LCCIC). Including low-carbon precincts in the context of climate impact studies will facilitate a comprehensive research coverage and help us align with HK's carbon neutrality goal.

Welcome to Dr. Yun Hau Ng's research website. Dr. Ng is a professor in the School of Energy and Environment at the City University of Hong Kong. His research focuses in the area of alternative and renewable energy through the approach of catalysis - namely photo(electro) catalysis, electrocatalysis and carbon (thermal) catalysis. Hydrogen generation from water (or waste water), photo-induced charge storage (solar battery), electrocatalysed oxygen evolution, liquid junction photoactive semiconductor thin films are within my expertise. The research team uses a multidiciplinary approach, involving internal and external collaborations along with students from Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Materials Science, Photovoltaic and Physics, to study nanostructured materials as active components in energy conversion and storage processes. 

His research aims at gaining fundamental understanding involved in these areas with the ultimate goal to achieve real life application in industry. We observe experimental phenomena, study the fundamental principles lie underneath that guide the overall reactions in light energy conversion-storage. Investigation into the basic science equips us the ability to engineer better and more efficient systems for practical uses.


12 July 2022 - Dr. Phoebe Chung publishes her work on "Engineering the interfacial contact between Bi2WO6 and WO3 heterojunction photoanode for improved charge transportationEnergy & Fuels. Congratulations to Dr. Chung. 

01 Jul 2022 - Dr. Ng is promoted to full professor at the School of Energy and Environment, City University of Hong Kong. 

30 June 2022 - Dr. Ng has been granted a Research Grants Council (RGC) General Research Fund (GRF) on "Tuning the Selectivity Towards Solar Fuels via Manipulation of Photocharge Transfer of Oxide Photocatalystsis". This project will study the fundamental aspects in producing solar methane, hydrogen peroxide and ammonia via photocatalysis. 

29 June 2022 - Dr. Hao Wu's work on "Surface modulation inducing bismuth-rich surface composition in BiVO4 for efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting" has just been accepted for publication in ACS Applied Energy Materials. Congratulations to Dr. Wu and the team. 

11 Apr 2022 - New paper on "Modulating the active sites of oxygen-deficient TiO2 by copper loading for enhanced electrocatalytic nitrogen reduction to ammonia" by Wahyu and Dr. Hao Wu is accepted for publication in Small. Congratulations to Wahyu and Hao. This work is featured as Journal Cover.


06 Mar 2022 - Interview (in Cantonese, HK) with Radio Television Hong Kong RTHK1 - Under The Sun programme. Dr. Ng shared his views on clean hydrogen from sunlight and water. 




06 Mar 2022 - Dr. Zhirun Xie's paper on "Facet-dependent Spatial Charge Separation with Rational Co-catalyst Deposition on BiVO4""is accepted for publication in Materials Today Energy. Congratulations to Dr. Xie. 


09 Feb 2022 - Dr. Ng gave a talk on "Green Hydrogen Production in Hong Kong" at the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers (HKIE) Technical Webinar. It was well attended by >400 participants and the discussion was encouraging.  


20 Jan 2022 - Dr. Cui Ying Toe's paper on "Facet-dependent Carrier Dynamics of Cuprous Oxide Regulating the Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation" is accepted for publication in Materials Advances. Congratulations to Dr. Toe. 

20 Jan 2022 - The team took part in EMSD Symposium 2022 - CO-INNOVINITY as an exhibitor. Solar hydrogen generated from photocatalytic process was transformed into electricity via fuel cell. A lab-scale demonstration unit was set up.  


18 Jan 2022 - Dr. Ng was invited for an interview by RTHK (Radio Television Hong Kong 香港電台) for a radio programme “Under the Sun”(太陽底下新鮮事). He chat about hydrogen energy and the role it can play in the decarbonisation of society. The record will be aired on 30 Jan (Sunday).


21 Dec 2021 - Together with Prof. Chak Chan, Dr. Theodorah Nah, Dr. Chunhua Liu and Dr. Jin Shang, Dr. Ng receives another HKSAR Green Tech Fund (GTF) of over HKD$5 million to develop a new sensors for ambient air monitoring of BTEX and volatile organic compound (VOC) pollutants. 

18 Nov 2021 - Dr. Ng is included in list of Highly Cited Researcher 2021 by Clarivate. According to Clarivate, about 0.1% of the world's researchers (~8 million) have earned this recognition.


21 Oct 2021 - Led by Prof. Michael Leung, we receive a HK Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) PRP Scheme fund of around HKD$1.9 million to develop photocatalytic coating techniques for marine application with anticorrosion and antifouling properties. 

19 Oct 2021 - Dr. Ng delivered a Keynote Lecture on "Solar Fuels from Photocatalysis" at Energy Future 4 (EF4)

05 Oct 2021 - Dr. Ng receives the HKSAR Green Tech Fund (GTF) of HKD$2.9 million to develop a photocatalyst panel to turn water into hydrogen (and subsequently electricity). A demonstration unit will be built and showcased. Dr. Ng's project is one of the eight approved projects out of over 190 applications.